Our process is built around being approachable and hands on. We’ll work closely with you and your team to ensure everyone is up-to-date on progress and phases involved. The following is an example of our process for a website project. We follow a similar approach for our other services.

Phase-1: Needs analysis, concept design & Terms of Reference

We will undertake the following:

  • Analyse your needs in detail
  • Review any existing systems
  • Generate ideas
  • Build a sitemap
Phase-2: Prototype, Design, develop, test and demo

This is where our approach really cuts development time and expense. We will:

  • Produce a wireframe prototype version of the website to test usability and get a good understanding of the way the site will work and the layout of the navigation. View Sample Prototype
  • Produce a design mock-up at an early stage for your approval
  • Turn the design into code
  • Tailor the site for your specific requirements
  • Deliver the site for user acceptance testing (error checking and spelling etc).
Phase-3: Modify, deliver and sign-off

This is the “go-live” stage, where the application is fully rolled out for use.

  • Submit your site to Google for site indexing
  • Install google anayltics so you can monitor site traffic
  • Agree project closure and sign-off
  • We offer 30 Days Free support for unforeseen bug fixes etc.